• What Time of Day do Chickens Lay Eggs?

    There are a number of things that influence the time of day your chickens will lay their eggs. Because of this, you will not know exactly what time to go collect your eggs. But with a little information you can make a pretty good guess as to what time of day they will lay and
  • Chicken Coop Fire

    A Fire in a Chicken Coop

    We were sent this story from Dave and Linda, ChickenGuard owners from ‘way up in the Ozark Mountains’, they’d had a terrible fire in their coop. And sadly many of their chickens died as a result. “On February 16 of this year we had a weather forecast of 10 degrees below zero with a foot

  • Can Chickens Live Alone?

    Chickens are naturally gregarious animals, living together in a flock with a complex social order. Chickens gather every evening at dusk to settle in for the night, sleeping near each other keeps them warm. If a chicken is by itself for a few weeks it will be fine, but after a while many chickens who
  • Do Chickens Have A Sense Of Smell?

    Yes, chickens have a sense of smell. Scientists are still researching this sense not only in order to understand how chickens use their sense of smell, but also in order to understand the behavior of other birds which are more difficult to study because they are not domesticated. Scientists have found that chickens prefer smells
  • Can Chickens Eat Tomatoes?

    Contrary to popular belief, chickens do enjoy a varied diet that goes beyond just grains and insects! Chickens are known to take a liking to many foods, however one of the best sources of nourishment that should be included in your feathered friend’s diet includes tomatoes. In this short but comprehensive guide, we’ll be explaining
  • Can Chickens Swim?

    Chickens are equipped to swim for short periods of time, but are not good swimmers and can easily drown if left in a body of water for more than five or ten minutes. Chickens do not have waterproof feathers, so they will become waterlogged and the weight will pull them down. If you are concerned
  • What is the Best Bedding for Chickens?

    Choosing the correct bedding is vital to secure the health of your chickens. Good bedding will keep the coop free of harmful bacteria, odour, mold, pathogens, and flies. Don’t worry, new chicken parents, we have collected all the information you need to help you choose the best bedding option for you and your hens. Best
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